Adult tennis lessons take place at various times during the week to suit all sorts of work schedules. Lessons predominantly take place on the courts at Royal School Dungannon (RSD). However some classes also take place at Dungannon Park.

If you are looking for beginner tennis lessons, or if you are looking for something more advanced, then there is a lesson for you.


adult tennis lessons




Beginner/Intermediate Tennis Lessons (£5 per class)

Tuesday – 6pm-7pm – Royal School Dungannon – Intermediates

Tuesday – 8pm-9pm – Royal School Dungannon – Beginners (starts 13th June)

Saturday – 10am-11am – Royal School Dungannon – Beginners and Intermediates


Beginner tennis lessons are designed for complete beginners or people who maybe haven’t played in a long time. The lessons are designed to teach you the basics for all tennis shots from the forehand to the second serve. It is also a chance to meet some new friends and have a bit of a laugh (good craic guaranteed). If you would like to start attending one of the class times then please click the button at the bottom of this page to introduce yourself.

Intermediate classes are for players who have played some tennis before, they know how to hit the ball but they maybe don’t know how to play matches or hit with different types of spin.



Advanced (£5 per class)

Tuesday – 7pm-8pm – Royal School Dungannon

Saturday – 11am-12pm – Royal School Dungannon


If you have played a bit of tennis before and you fancy a bit of competitive match play and drills then the advanced adult tennis lessons are for you. As well as some match practice you can also expect to learn how to correctly hit some of the most difficult shots such as the kick serve and the through the legs lob return (it’s called a tweener). To book a place please use the button at the bottom of the page.



Mornings (£5 per class)

Thursday – 11am-12pm – Dungannon Park


Morning adult tennis lessons are mixed ability classes where all playing standards are welcome to attend. There are 2 courts so it will always be possible to run drills and games appropriate for different levels.




If you would like to attend a class then please use the button below to say hello.