This summer I am running 3 tennis camps for P1-P7 children. Each camp lasts 5 days.


When Are The Camps?

Camp 1 – 16th July – 20th July


Camp 2 – 30th July – 3rd August (P4-P7 CAMP FROM 12:30PM-3PM FULLY BOOKED)


Camp 3 – 13th August – 17th August (P4-P7 CAMP FROM 12:30PM-3PM FULLY BOOKED)


P1-P3 – 10am-12:30pm each day

P4-P7 – 12:30pm-3pm each day


Where Do The Camps Take Place?

Dungannon Primary School (located beside the South West College).


How Much?

£40 per child.


Anything Else?

Yes, the camps are suitable for complete beginners and kids who have played tennis before. Rackets are provided free of charge so don’t worry if you don’t have equipment. There is access to the hall so in the event of rain or bad weather (sometimes it happens in Northern Ireland) then the fun moves indoors.

To register for the camp please fill in the form below and move to the next page where payment will take place. A maximum of 3 kids can be registered at once so if you need to register more than 3 kids please complete registration for the first 3 kids and start a new transaction for any remaining kids.