Do you live in the Dungannon area? Do you have a future tennis champion at home aged between 4 and 15? Would you like to take them to some junior tennis lessons? Well then read on!

I run junior tennis lessons at the courts in Royal School Dungannon and the sports hall at Dungannon Primary School. The junior tennis lessons are designed to give your child an introduction to the wonderful game of tennis. Furthermore they are an opportunity to have fun and meet a few new friends.

It has been said that tennis is a game for life so the focus of my lessons are to create a fun learning environment that will ignite a passion for tennis within everyone who attends.


junior tennis classes


Times and venues for all of the junior tennis lessons are listed below. Places are limited in each class so you will need to check availability. Lessons run on a pay as you go basis so no need to pay up front or pay for weeks that you don’t attend.


Primary 1 – Primary 3 (£3 per lesson)

Monday – 5:30pm-6pm – Dungannon Primary School

Wednesday – 6:00pm-6:30pm – Dungannon Primary School

Saturday – 2:30pm-3pm – Royal School Dungannon


Players in my youngest age group (Primary 1 – Primary 3) mostly work on their coordination, balance and racket control. Lessons are filled with lots of games such as ‘Rainbow’ and ‘Speed Racers’. Rackets are provided for everyone who attends so no need to rush out and buy one. If you would like to book into a lesson please use the button below.






Primary 4 – Primary 7 (£5 per lesson)

Monday – 6pm-7pm – Dungannon Primary School

Wednesday – 6:30pm-7:30pm – Dungannon Primary School

Saturday – 3pm-4pm – Royal School Dungannon


Players in my middle age group (Primary 4- Primary 7) are taught pre-dominantly through fun-filled games such as ‘Jail’ and ‘Champion’. These games create a fun and relaxed atmosphere that helps the kids practice what they have been taught in a pressure free environment. Rackets are provided for everyone who attends. If you would like to book into a class please use the button below.





Year 8 – Year 11 (£5 per lesson)

Monday – 7pm-8pm – Dungannon Primary School

Wednesday – 7:30pm-8:30pm – Dungannon Primary School

Saturday – 1:30pm-2:30pm – Royal School Dungannon


Players in my older class (Year 8 – Year 11) are taught pre-dominantly through competitive games and match play situations. I still ensure that classes take place in a pressure free environment that encourages everyone to be confident in learning new skills. Rackets are provided for everyone who attends. If you would like to book into a class please use the button below.







Players of all ability levels are welcome including complete beginners and players who have played before. Smaller courts, shorter rackets, lower nets and slower balls ensure that everyone achieves the ability to rally and play games as soon as possible.



kids tennis lessons



Junior Tennis Lessons Key Info

  • Price = £5 per class (£3 for Primary 1 – Primary 3)
  • You can choose how many lessons you would like to attend each week
  • You need to book your place on the class via email using the button at the bottom of the page

If you would like some more info or to book a place please click the button below.