Sometimes your game needs some extra special attention. Maybe you have a shot that isn’t working as well as you would like. Maybe you want to develop specific shots for a new tactic you would like to use. Maybe you need help picking a tactic for matches. Or maybe you just want to raise your overall game to the next level. If any of these scenarios strike a chord then it sounds like you could benefit from some private lessons.


Private lessons are a great way to reach your full potential by tweaking and ironing out errors in your games. In his book, The Inner Game Of Tennis, Timothy Galley puts forward this equation:

Performance = Potential – Interference

Quite often interference takes the from of an error in technique, a poor game plan or incorrect shot choices. A private lesson provides the opportunity to closely work with your game and reduce the interference which is reducing your performance.




Problems I Can Help You With

  • Complete beginner who wants to learn to play
  • Forehand floating long
  • Backhand hitting the net
  • Hitting double faults
  • Missing volleys
  • Getting nervous in matches
  • Not enough shot power
  • Tactics and gameplans



Private lessons are available for players of all ages and ability. Lessons can be arranged for up to 3 people. All lessons take place at either Dungannon Park or Royal School Dungannon (evenings and weekends).

The pricing for private lessons is as follows:


1 lesson = £30


3 lessons = £70  


5 lessons = £100  


Please use the button below to arrange a date and time.